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In Sydney, Australia Jews were violently attacked, simply because they were Jewish. Five people were injured after being assaulted by a group of some eight youngsters; the men and woman beaten were wearing traditional Jewish yarmulkes at the time of the attack. Police arrested two teens and a man in his early 20′s suspected of involvement in the incident.

St. Vincent’s Hospital spokesman David Faktor told the Sydney Morning Herald the victims told him the attack was unprovoked and racially motivated. He said the family was returning from a Jewish Sabbath dinner and did not know their attackers or do anything to incite the violence.

A magazine associated with the Palestinian Authority has glorified Adolf Hitler, publishing a list of quotes it claims are “words of wisdom” by the leader of the notorious Nazi party. The publication, Zayzafuna had previously lost its UNESCO funding after publishing a similar story.

According to Israel’s Arutz7, “The one-liners attributed to Hitler include: ‘If you were stabbed in the back, know that you are in front’; ‘Don’t challenge a man who has nothing to lose’; and ‘Don’t find fault in your wife’s taste for she chose you in the first place’… However, in a statement [Palestinian Media Watch] said it could not find any record of Hitler making the comments, and that many of them appear to have been copied from other sources.”

Jews are fleeing Turkey as Antisemitic incidents become more common, sometimes as a result of the country’s tense relations with Israel. According to Haaretz, hundreds of young Jews have moved to Israel and the US, making a decision to leave the place they once called home.

“Look at the environment of Turkey at the moment. We are uncomfortable with being ‘othered’,” Nesim Güveniş, a prominent member of Israel’s Turkish immigrant community, told The Hurriyet. “I am more Turkish than many. But we couldn’t make them believe it.”

French Jews are also escaping Antisemitism by leaving the country, a wave of immigration many thought would never happen. One of the reasons for the influx of Jews choosing to leave their homes is the sharp rise in radical Islamic presence across France, with some Jews merely moving between cities – but many are leaving the country.

“Registration with the Jewish Agency for emigration to Israel is soaring. Students are enrolling in Israeli or American universities. Families are buying apartments in Israel, or houses in Florida. Young professionals are looking for opportunities in the Israeli Silicon Valley, in London, even in Shanghai,” PJ media described the French exodus.

In other news, it’s interesting to see that Csanad Szegedi, until recently a predominate member of Hungary’s far-right, Antisemitic Jobbik party has not only rediscovered, but actually embraced his Jewish roots.

Szegedi, Haaretz reported, now “observes Shabbat, attends synagogue, is studying Hebrew and is even trying to familiarize himself with the Talmud, the code of Jewish law.” The man who previously called upon Hungary to protect itself from the Jews and claimed “rich Jews” controlled much of politics has, the article states, “decided to live as a practicing Jew.”

The usually sarcastic site The Onion crossed the line, using the term “hook-nosed kike” to describe Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins of the National Football Association (NFL). Saying the team’s name is offensive to the Native Americans, the troubling story calls the Jewish businessman a “shifty-eyed hebe,” among other things.

“The five-sentence story and its Antisemitic language are so startling that journalists and bloggers aren’t even sure how to react,” Eric Levenson writes in the Atlantic Wire as he slams the Onion for what it wrote.

“Those Antisemitic words are written in satire, but still, they appear pretty shocking. Which is, of course, the point,” Levenson wrote. “Even so, journalists have been unsure how to discuss the story and whether it crosses the line or not…”

There are some interesting opinion pieces worth noting this week. In the EUObserver, Dezideru Gergely and Gwen Albert write about the surge in public, anti-Roma protests by neo-Nazi parties in the Czech Republic, noting 30 have taken place since the start of the year and 10 more are scheduled to happen.

“The anti-Romani rallies this year have been organized by members of the Workers’ Social Justice Party (in Czech ‘DSSS’) and a breakaway faction called the ‘Czech Lions’,” the writers explain. “During their rallies and especially the mob violence that follows them, the pretense of coded language is dropped and it is normal to hear them calling to send ‘gypsies to the gas chambers’.”

Another piece worth reading describes the hope that the outcome of Norway’s recent elections will allow the new government to combat rampant xenophobia and social intolerance, which has also affected the country’s 2,000-strong Jewish community.

However, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld isn’t very optimistic. “In its origins, Lutheranism promoted Jew hatred,” Gerstenfeld told the Jewish Chronicle, recalling Norway’s long history of intolerance. “Norway was the last country in Europe to admit Jews in the mid-19th century.”

Google changed its autocomplete function to help combat Antisemitism, once it realized that the previous system would fill the search words “Jews should” with hate speech such as “Jews should be wiped out” and “Jews should get over the Holocaust.”

According to a report by the algemeiner, Google made the decision hours after the news site had published a report in which a number of experts claimed the company could be breaking its own rules. “Google may be violating its own policies by not excluding these flagrantly anti-Semitic search queries,” Eli Federman said.


A student for Political Science at Tel Aviv University

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